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FREE VOUCHER Lost World of Tambun!!

FREE VOUCHER Lost World of Tambun!! !!

Sila klik gambar utk ke blog tuan penganjur..

Jom tgk ape syarat2 nyer


1. Kalau bukan my follower, be my follower. kalau x jadi follower, cam mane nak tau update whether u ols lucky ke x kan..huhu

2. Buat satu entry, about this giveaway with the picture of pressie for this giveaway dan link kan ke entry giveaway ini. (

to get information on harga sebenar tiket ke Lost World of Tambun, you can get it from here.


for your information, each voucher is valid to buy 6 entrance tickets. and i have two vouchers to be given away..

hurry up yer..mari menjoinkan diri.kalau ade 2 orang join, maknanye u ols dapat one each laa..kalau sorang je, u akan dapat both vouchers but kalau ramai join terpaksa laa i wat undian..huhuhu..

closing date will be end of this month : 31st January 2010.


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