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Email from Public Bank On-line Banking-TIPU!!!!

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Thu, February 4, 2010 2:09:08 PM

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Dear Public Bank On-line Banking

Dear Public Bank On-line Banking customer!

Our support is carrying out a scheduled Bankline Internet Banking software upgrade

By following the link below you will open the form of the user details update :

Personal Banking / Business Banking

Online banking : Access

These instructions are to be e-mailed and followed by all member of the Public Bank Berhad.

Public Bank does apologize for any troubles caused, and is very grateful for your help.

***This is an automated email, please do not reply***

Copyright © 2010 Public Bank Berhad (6463-H) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

kahkah bengong tol
iena mane ader public bank account
tibe2 lak jd Public Bank On-line Banking customer!
ngok ngek kepala kemek..
to all readers..
hati2 yer..
pihak bank takkan berurusan melalui email..
ni nama nyer


ni mmg slalu terjadi..hantar email..pastu bg link suh login n tuka password..
yg hantar tu hackers sebenarnyer

dia cube perdaya kan kiter..
kunun2 nk update itu ini lah
suh login pastu dia simpan password n id kiter..
login page tu dia akan tiru bulat2
mmg same
sebijik..kale pn same..
pastu kn kt email tu ckp from...dia wat nama bank..
kunun2 bank tu nyer email..
cettt tipu saja tu..itu dia tulus jer..kehkeh..
iena pn boleh anta email kt org tp..letak from/daripada alamat email org lain..
so hati2 yer..
maner2 bank pun same..
sblm ni pnh dapat cimb n maybank
tapi time tu x der blog lg
kehkeh..xder la nk publish kn..
so sumer hati2 tau..
hackers mmg selalu perdayakan kiter memalui cara nie
sb cara nie paling mudah



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