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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fw: Pelangi Damansara Beware ! ! Seafood Lovers -MINI LOBSTERS

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My friend

Sent: Fri, March 19, 2010 10:57:31 AM

Subject:  Fw: Pelangi Damansara Beware ! ! Seafood Lovers -MINI LOBSTERS


Seafood Lover pls be careful.These creatures are actually NOT Lobsters.Pls
read on..

Please be alert of this food item...
It may infect your lung.

Do not eat these mini lobsters.

These mini crustaceans are literally the garbage cleaners in the sewage
treatment plants .

The 'dirtier' the water, the fatter these mini lobsters become.

Their lungs are full of worms and their flesh saturated with poisonous

Unscrupulous merchants somehow found a way to get these marketed to

Do not order this dish.
Pass this on to those friends who may want to try these mini 'lobsters'.

Let us all be careful!


iena nak mintak jasa baik korang

untuk undi iena ley tak

haha muker tak tau malu btul..

hehe ;)

buley la.. buley la erk..

korang ley undi kat blog mrs weiyda

contest number iena 29.SITI FAZLINA

undian anda amat saya harapkan & hargai..

TarIkh Tutup Undian : 25/03/2010


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