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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don’t be a fool this April!

campaign image
Something big is happening on April Fools’ Day at Golden Screen Cinemas nationwide – for real!

Golden Screen Cinemas invites you to celebrate their 25th anniversary on 1st April 2012, and there will be surprises for the first 25,000 people who arrive at GSC branches across Malaysia on that day. (T&C apply)

Trust us on this, don’t be a fool and miss out on the great surprises in store!

JanGaN LuPa cLicK piC CoMeL
CiK iEnA kat sebelah nie
sELePaS BaCe Blog Post ciK iEna Yer (^_~)
heheh owh terperasan sudaa
comel kerh!!
hahah cik boy pren kate comel pon da cukup

<------ click okeyh


  1. ahaks...jgn tetipu k....tgk blogsy juga, entry yg sama ni -->


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