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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Engineers around the clock.

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The race may be over for the drivers, but for the engineers, it means another round of work to be done. Complicated analysis of data collected from the race, all in the name of laying down a faster laptime at the next race!

Experience what a Formula 1 car goes through, right from conception, testing to the race itself! Lets not forget the work done to the cars after the race.

JanGaN LuPa cLicK piC CoMeL
CiK iEnA kat sebelah nie
sELePaS BaCe Blog Post ciK iEna Yer (^_~)
heheh owh terperasan sudaa
comel kerh!!
hahah cik boy pren kate comel pon da cukup

<------ click okeyh

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