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Grab The Promo

No more sticky residue with a roadtax sticker!

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MAD Deal of the day: Get a set of 3 road tax stickers to prevent leaving stains on the windscreen for RM13 instead of RM20. [35% off]

Prevent leaving annoying sticky residue on the car windscreen that needs to be scraped off with a knife by using these road tax stickers. Easy to remove means no more cursing while scraping away in an awkward position.

Get a set of 3 for yourself and your family, and let your friends know. Get rewarded when they buy through your link.

JanGaN LuPa cLicK piC CoMeL
CiK iEnA kat sebelah nie
sELePaS BaCe Blog Post ciK iEna Yer (^_~)
heheh owh terperasan sudaa
comel kerh!!
hahah cik boy pren kate comel pon da cukup

<------ click okeyh


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