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We are often too caught up in our hectic lives to count our blessings, and don't realise how lucky we are to have what we have. Garnier is making it easy for you to put a smile on the faces of the less fortunate with their "Sinar Cahayaku bersama Garnier Take Care" programme!

Come forward and share your time and guidance with young orphaned girls during their growing years by being a 'Kakak Angkat' to one of them. It is rewarding being a big sister, and you get to bond with your 'little sister' over activities organised by Garnier throughout the year.

Find out more about the Sinar Cahayaku programme at Garnier's Facebook page now!

JanGaN LuPa cLicK piC CoMeL CiK iEnA
sELePaS BaCe Blog Post ciK iEna Yer (^_~)
heheh owh terperasan sudaa
comel kerh!!
hahah cik boy pren kate comel pon da cukup

<------ click okeyh


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