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Monday, March 26, 2012

Who will be dressing you in the game of high fashion?

campaign image
Zang Toi. Eric Choong. Granoff. Michael Ong. Who will be dressing you next in this game of high fashion?

Find out by playing the MAGNUM Fashion Royale today! Winners get to strut home in a customised couture piece from these top luxury brands and an exclusive MAGNUM accessory to match!

JanGaN LuPa cLicK piC CoMeL
CiK iEnA kat sebelah nie
sELePaS BaCe Blog Post ciK iEna Yer (^_~)
heheh owh terperasan sudaa
comel kerh!!
hahah cik boy pren kate comel pon da cukup

<------ click okeyh

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