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Blow Water?

have u heard before?
blow water????
if you know cantonese, yes it has to be in cantonese, not mandarin, you must have heard of this word '吹水' a.k.a blow water. So what does that means? It means you blow water lar... ahahaha, no lar just joking. It means chatting, gossip-ing, bullshit-ting with friends. This is a common word used by guys, seldom heard it from gals.
seriously this is my firs time heard this word...
haha im not terer english lorr...but since work with them..i have to paksa diri to speak english meyhh
before this im working with malay company so our conversation is all in i did not practise to speak english...just sometimes if i go to meet chinese client...they prefer to speak english...haha seriously terkial2 jugak la for a long time not speak english...
But im happy working here..
My bos is officemate also chinese n got two malay boy..

I know im not good in english...haha owh my english
Broken english lorhhh

But they do not laugh at me lorhhh
Just try to speak as simple u can..
They will understand...
Opsss one of my officemate is from germany lorhh
So if we want to kutuk2 him ..we will speak malay lorhhh then he will smille and said ' u speak malayy arrr u wait lorhh u will die soon if now the meaning'

Haha his name is tomy
very good looking...
cuci mate meyh..haha

okeyh dah dah stop
sleep lorr cik iena...tmrw nk keje..
okiesss nite sume...
haha sile jgn gelak owh my english... huhu da bergolek2 nk tdo sambil type blog entry nieee

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