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Boys Over Flowers

  • Cast :  Kim Jun, Lee Min-ho, Kim Beom, Kim So-eun, Gu Hye-seon, Kim Hyeon-jung
  • Director :  Jeon Ki-sang
  • Writer :  Yoon Ji-ryeon
  • Premiere in Korea : 2009.1
  • Premiere on KBS World : 2009. 2. 16
  • Number of Episodes : 25

  • Synopsis

    The ‘Iconic Love Story’ for those who wish to stay young at heart forever! ‘Boys over Flowers’ is the highly anticipated remake of the famous Japanese comic book series. Jan-di, the Heroine, is the poor but bright girl who has a strong sense of justice and full of vitality. She transfers to an exclusive high school where only the rich go. In there, she encounters with the four rich and quirky boys and experiences love and friendship. The storyline illustrates the supreme fantasy that a drama can bring out the most. Each of us probably has an experience of admiring or dreaming of something. The drama ‘Boys over Flowers’ is the concentration of the admirations.

    Today cik iena nk try habiskan tgk citer nie.. best tgk citer nie.. bile time sedih..huhuhu meleleh2 air mate.. merah je hidung.. kesian btl dgn Jandi..mcm2 dugaan.. okies jom layanzzz


    • Gu Hye-seon (Jan-di)
      Jan-di is a commoner whose parents operate a Laundromat. She is a swimmer of her school which doesn’t even have a swimming pool. One day, she visits Shin-hwa high school, where the top 1% of the wealthy children gets to go, and accidentally saves a student from a suicidal attempt. After this incident, she is scouted to this prestigious school as a swimming athlete. The school itself and the students who go there do not suit her taste, but Jan-di bears the problematic circumstances, as her parents wish her to get close to the rich. She happens to step out for her classmate who is being bullied by four boys, called F4, and gets the ‘Red Card’. As the whole school starts bulling Jan-di, she unexpectedly meets Ji-hu on the stairway. She bumps into Ji-hu, but later Jun-pyo shows his feeling for her and their relationship gets tangled.
    • Lee Min-ho (Joon-pyo)
      The leader of F4 and the heir of the largest conglomerate in Korea. Raised by servants, instead of busy parents, Jun-pyo’s got the world there is nothing that can not be done. Growing up as the son of the rich family, he has gone through numerous of kidnapping, terror attempt. He is a master of martial arts and self defense skills, but avoids swimming because he experienced drowning when he was kidnapped. His older sister, Jun-hee, is the one who he afraids the most. Ironically, Jun-pyo falls in love with Jandi, who reminds him of his sister. Jun-pyo’s got natural curly hair, hot-tempered, but has an innocent heart. Although he can fluently speak 5 languages, he shows weakness on common sense and Korean vocabulary. Jun-pyo has simple and straight personality and relies upon intuition more rather than being rationalized. He is pure at heart in front of a girl he likes, so he gets hurt when he figures out Jan-di likes Ji-hu, his closest friend among F4.
    • Kim Hyeon-jung (Ji-hu)
      The grandson of the formal president of Korea, Dr. Yoon Seok-young, and the most attractive guy among F4. Ji-hu is the heir of Su-am Cultural Foundation, Art Center, and Orchestra own by his family, and also a musician. He lost his parents at age of five when he got into a car accident. He overcomes the hardness with his first love, Seo-hyeon. Ji-hu believes that she would be his last love but he can’t get to her completely. Jan-di is the one who encouraged him when he was hesitant to get close to Seo-hyeon. With Jan-di’s support, Ji-hu follows Seo-hyeon to France, but comes back after he realized that his feeling for her was admiration, not love. Ji-hu does not show concern for others, knows what he wants to do, and never sweeps along with others. After Ji-hu becomes a friend with Jan-di, his personality starts to change and conflicts between love and friendship.
    • Kim Bum (So Yi-jung)
      The gifted potter and the successor of the prestigious family. Although Yi-jung has gained reputation for his talent for ceramics, he cannot take away the feeling that he is living a life of his brother. Yi-jung’s older brother, who was exceptionally talented and expected to become the heir, left home and also quit working with ceramics. Yi-jung was possessed by a sense of inferiority and this complex made him couldn’t settle down with one love. He is a playboy, but gentle and warm-hearted. Although he didn’t realize about himself yet, Yi-jung is desperately looking for his one true love.

    Episode 1

    “This is not just an ordinary high school. It’s hell. Have you ever heard of F4? Once you mark as the target and get the ‘Red Card’ from them, you become a loner and the whole school starts bullying.”

    Jan-di is an average high school girl whose parents operate a Laundromat. One day she delivers laundry to Shin-hwa high school, where the top 1% of the wealthy children gets to go, and accidentally saves a student from a suicidal attempt. After this incident, she is scouted to this prestigious school as a swimming athlete.
    Jan-di meets four rich and good-looking boys known as ‘F4(Flower 4)’,who cause trouble to those who speak out against them. Jan-di, who has strong sense of justice, cannot bear the saucy behavior of Gu Jun-pyo, the leader of F4, and does not bring herself to his knees. The next day, she finds ‘Red Card’ inside her locker and whole school starts bulling her. Jan-di escapes to the stairway and unexpectedly meets Yoon Ji-hu, the other member of F4, and receives his handkerchief.

    Episode 2

    “I’m good looking, tall, smart, and rich. How can you resist me?”

    Jandi gets Jihoo’s help when students attack her at the locker room. Jandi, cannot stand Junpyo’s smugness, goes to see Junpyo and kicks him right in the face. Rather than paying her back, Junpyo finds his curiosity from this girl who reminds him of his older sister, Junhee. After school finishes, unknown guards kidnap Jandi. She wakes up and notices the unbelievable things that are happening right in front of her eyes…...

    Episode 3

    “Lucky to have a chance to know you.”
    After came back from the school trip, Junpyo’s curious feeling for Jandi grows even bigger. Jandi meets Jihu, who is having a hard time because of Seohyeon, and Junpyo hears about this. Jandi worries about Jihu and goes to see him, but encounters Junpyo who is waiting for her with jealous eyes. At Seohyeon’s birthday party, Seohyeon announces that she’s going to France, leaving everything behind. When Jandi goes to say goodbye to her, she sees the scene of Jihu declaring his love for Seohyeon.

    Episode 4

    “Geum Jandi. From this moment, I don’t know who you are anymore.”
    While Jandi and Junpyo are out on a date, they accidently lock in the cable car. Junpyo suffers from high fever and Jandi nurses him all night. This quickly spreads to the whole school and Jandi experiences totally different treat from fellow students, as Junpyo’s girlfriend. Jandi’s friend Minjee brings her to the club and she finds a guy who reminds her of Jihu. The next day morning, Jandi wakes up in the hotel room and she can’t remember what happened the night before.

    Episode 5

    “I’m officially announcing that from now on, Geum Jandi is Gu Junpyo’s girlfriend.”

    Junpyo believes in Jandi’s innocence and treats her wounds. This moves Jandi’s heart, and Junpyo finally announces that Jandi is his girlfriend. At that moment, Jihoo, came back from Paris, appears in front of them.
    During the weekend, Junpyo and the F4 take Jandi and her friend Ga-eul to New Caledonia. In there, Junpyo takes Jandi to breathtaking sceneries, but Jandi’s mind is still on Jihoo.

    Episode 6

    “Please tell me that you’ll be alright.”
    “I should’ve met you earlier.. “

    Thinking of the reminiscene with Seohyeon, Jihoo gets depressed. While Jandi is comforting him, Jihoo kisses Jandi. Junpyo bursts with rage and jealousy, and returns to Seoul alone. He announces that he is going to dismiss Jihoo from F4 and expel Jandi from school. However, the unexpected supporter Junhee, the sister of Junpyo, appears in front of the two.

    Episode 7

    “It’s not too late.. Just say that you like me. That’s all you need to say.”

    Junpyo and Jihu square off in a sports match. The fate of Jandi and Jihu hangs on this game. They compete in horse-riding and racing, and Junpyo grows more jealous as he watches Jandi roots for Jihu. Before the final battle begins, Junpyo goes to meet Jandi.

    Episode 8

    “Wake up, Junpyo. You should give me a chance, too. I think now I can say the words that you wanted to hear…”

    At last Jihu and Jandi go on an official date. Invited to Jihu's house, Jandi smiles bitterly at the remnants of Seohyun found all over the house. Tailing the two, Junpyo discovers that he still has feelings for Jandi. Meanwhile, Jandi rushes to the hospital upon hearing that Junpyo has been in an accident. There, she realizes her true feelings for Joon-pyo.

    Episode 9

    “Junpyo's world, Jandi's world…There's no such thing. If Junpyo's pace is too much, you can drag it down to your pace."

    Junpyo and Jandi keep fighting and making up, and they get to know each other. However, Junpyo’s excessive presents makes Jandi hard to keep up with his pace. She continues to avoid Junpyo and Jihoo comes to the swimming pool and encourages her. Jandi and Junpyo go out on a date with Gaeul and her new boyfriend. However, uncomfortable atmosphere is developing between Jandi and Gaeul’s boyfriend.

    Episode 10

    “Promise me that you won’t run away from me”
    “I promise you. At least, your mom won’t be the reason.”

    Yijeong unexpectly sees Gaeul on the street and helps to revenge her bad boyfriend. Jandi clears up her misunderstanding about Junpyo, and the two go out on a date on Valentine’s Day. They bump into Junpyo’s mother, and Junpyo tells her not to do anything bad to Jandi.
    The mother, who doesn’t even think of F4 as the friends of Junpyo, starts her next action to cut Jandi off from Junpyo, since she thinks Jandi is ridiculously improper to her son.

    Episode 11

    “You don’t know who he is? He’s the hot issue model, and his background is veiled in mystery.“

    Jan Di starts a part time job as a model on the cover of text book, but finds out that she’s been deceived. In the dangerous moment, a mysterious man comes to the rescue of Jandi, and soon vanishes. The man turns out to be Jeha, a freshman at Shinhwa High School. Jandi and her purported fan, Jeha become friends. Unhappy with Jandi, who spends all her time working at her part-time job, Junpyo finally explodes at seeing Jandi on the magazine cover with model Haje. And Jandi finds the second “Red Card” in her locker.

    Episode 12

    “Jandi is the Moon that can never escape from the star called JunPyo. I would never let this Moon go, unless Big bang happens”

    Jeha kidnaps Jandi and Junpyo goes to rescue her alone. Jeha and his friends beat Junpyo, but Junpyo bears it. F4 members get into the scene, finish off the situation. When Jeha tries to hit Junpyo again, Jandi protects him. The two are hospitalized, but find out the feeling for each other again. The friends go to ski trip all together, and Junpyo gives Jandi a custom made necklace. However, Jandi accidently loses it and braves the snowstorm to look for it.

    Episode 13

    “It feels like it’s been quite a long time when we were together. If Junpyo ignores me, I would wonder if I just dreamt about us.”

    Time has passed by; F4 are now university students and Jandi is in her final year in high school. Jandi keep practices swimming and works part-time, and awaits Junpyo. Jihoo suggests her to record her message in a video and send to Junpyo, and he also takes her to the hospital and checks the condition of her shoulder. Jandi finds out that she won’t be able to swim anymore and now it’s too late to treat. Confused and toubled, Jandi goes to Macau to meet Junpyo. She gets surprised in front of the magnificent look of hotel Shinhwa, but doesn’t get overwhelmed. However, when Jandi finally gets a chance to see Junpyo, he only gives her the cold shoulder.

    Episode 14

    “It’s my first time.. to earn money by myself. I have so many things that I did for the first time because of you.”

    The F4 comes to Macau and joins Jandi. They meet Junpyo and ask why he’s ignoring Jandi, but he only says that Jandi is no longer related to him. Jandi acts as if she’s alright, but can’t stop crying in front of Jihoo who looks like understanding everything. Jihoo helps the two to meet up, but Junpyo reconfirms the end of their relationship. When Jihoo and Jandi are about to go back to Korea, they unexpectedly meet Jihoo’s friend and invited to his house in suburbs..

    Episode 15

    “Listen, Junpyo will come back. Please don't give up. Trust me and give him one more chance, will you?"

    Back from Macau, Jandi is having a hard time trying to brace herself up. The master of the restaurant where Jandi works, asks her to visit the old doctor’s office, who often comes to the restaurant, and this gives Jandi a fresh impression. Jandi talks to Junhee about her true feeling and Junhee asks her mother not to make Junpyo a victim. Junpyo comes back to Korea and goes to Shinhwa University. The mother invites Jandi to Junpyo’s birthday party. In there, she hears about Junpyo’s engagement with Jaekyeong, the girl who Jandi met in Macau.

    Episode 16

    “My name is Ha Jae-kyeong, From today, I’m your fiancé. You got it? And you better prepare yourself. I’ll be training you from now on. “

    After the birthday party, Jaekyung shows her interest to Junpyo. With her easy going personality, Jaekyung becomes friend with Jandi. Although Jandi likes Jaekyung’s untainted and friendly spirit, she feels uncomfortable. Jihu runs into his grandfather while taking saddened Jandi to her volunteer work at the clinic. Yijung and Woobin fail to seclude Jaekyung from Junpyo. With Gaeul’s help, Yijung finally reunites Junpyo and Jandi.

    Episode 17

    “Don’t forget. True love only comes once in a life time. It’s the cruel truth.”

    As the merger of Shinhwa group and JK group begins, Junpyo and Jaekyung go out on their first date. However, Junpyo reminds of Jandi every place Jaekyung wants to go. Jaekyung senses it and asks Junpyo to kiss her as the lover. Jihoo and Jandi see this while they are talking on the stairway… Yijung witnesses his father with a woman at his workroom and has a big argument. Suffering deeply, Yijung thinks of Eunjae, his first love. Gaeul signs up for the pottery class and meets Cha Eunjae, the student teacher, in there.

    Episode 18

    “The young lady is like a lotus flower that can even clean the mud. Treat her well. She can make you a family.”

    Come back from the resort, Jandi and Jihoo visit Buddhist temple to clean their mind away. However, when Jandi returns, she finds out that her parents have decided to move to a fishing village to earn money. Junpyo wakes up and finds out that Jaekyung has prepared him the breakfast. Jaekyung says that she always dreamt of this, and Junpyo feels pity for her. Yijung tells junpyo that Jandi stopped swimming because of her shoulder injury, and Junpyo feel guilt and regret. Jandi moves to a rooftop house and is surprised when Junpyo unexpectedly shows up as her neighbour. Gaeul decides not to hide her feeling anymore and asks Yijung out on a date. Yijung rejects it but comes back to see her few days later.

    Episode 19

    “Junpyo. If the person who you love got into a difficult situation because of you, can you let her go?”
    “You.. Will you be able to love someone else other than Seohyun?”
    Jihu runs out of the clinic and wanders in the rain. Jandi's heart aches for Jihu, as she nurses him all night long. At the same time, Junpyo awaits Jandi at the rooftop house. Yijung takes Gaeul out to the club, chats with other ladies, and makes her feeling uncomfortable. However, already knows the pain in his heart, Gaeul pities him instead. After finding out the whereabouts of Junpyo, his mother confines him to the house. Then she goes to Jandi to humiliate her in front of everyone. The next day, F3 and Gaeul visit Jandi to comfort her and they start rooftop room renovation. Jaekyeong takes Junpyo out from home and joins them, and when they all start ‘the truth game’, the tension starts rising.

    Episode 20

    “I wasn’t the air. I was just a breeze that you mistook for air. A breeze.. Once it passes by, it can’t return to the place it already left.”

    Jandi becomes Junpyo’s personal maid and controls over Junpyo’s naughty behavior. While she was in Junpyo’s room to wake him up, Jaekyung and Junpyo’s mother enter the room and get shocked to see her. The mother wants to kick her out from the house immediately, but the head maid and Jaekyung intervene in. Seokyeong collapses at the clinic and Jandi takes him to Jihoo’s house. Jandi tries to reconcile the two and now they start to live under the same roof.
    Gaeul now knows that Eunjae was Yijung’s first love, and tries her best to bring them together.

    Episode 21

    “There is a girl I like. She will be the one until the day I die. Do you still want to marry me?
    “I know that girl is Jandi. But knowing that you are like this, I want to marry you even more.”

    Junpyo’s mother rushes the wedding, and Jaekyung asks Jandi to be her bridesmaid. On the day before the wedding, F4, Jandi and Gaeul arrived at Jeju Island for the wedding, and the complication between Junpyo, Jaekyung, Jandi and Jihoo reaches the climax. Junhee advises Junpyo not to do something that he is going to regret. Junpyo goes down on his knees and ask Jaekyung to break off the engagement.

    Episode 22


    “Why that was me? I ‘m not pretty, not rich and have no fame. Why did you like me?”
    “You don’t need anything because I have them all. All you need to do is just being Geum Jandi, yourself.”

    The wedding ceremony finally starts and Junpyo enters in. However, Jaekyung maps out a plan and ruins the wedding. Junpyo and Jandi sneak off to the resort and spend time together. Jaekyung returns the necklace to Jihoo and leaves to New York on the next day. Jandi and Junpyo’s happy moment is about to fall apart, since the break off brings a crisis to Shinhwa group. Now Junpyo’s mother anger is towards Jandi.

    Episode 23

    “I can endure hunger and coldness, but there’s one thing I cannot stand. Seeing my loved ones suffer because of me.”

    With Gaeul’s effort, Yijung now finds out Eunjae’s declaration that he had missed three years ago. Gaeul brings Yijung to the rooftop, uncovers his eyes, and the message magically appears in front of him.
    Junpyo’s mother finds out about Junpyo and Jandi are secretly dating, and starts to attack the people around Jandi. Finding out who fall them into a difficult situation, Jandi makes up her mind.

    Episode 24

    “How did you now that I’m here?”
    “I could heard it. I kept a night watch every night, in case I’d miss it.”

    Jihu finds out Jandi’s whereabouts. He expects Junpyo to come with him, but Junpyo disappoints Jihoo again by refusing to go. Jandi arrives at the fishing village, but people expect her as the fiancé of the heir of Shinhwa Group. When it reveals as false, Jihu suddenly appears in front of her and settles the situation. Jihu declares his feeling for Jandi that he suppressed for long time and Junpyo looks at them from far back.. and suddenly!

    Episode 25

    “Gu Jun Pyo, who I liked and who loved me, is no more there."

    Jandi leaves a lunch box for Junpyo, who lost the memories about her. Jun-pyo almost remembers something about Jan-di as he eats the lunch, but Yumi lies takes crushes Jandi’s last hope. Jandi and F4 are invited Junpyo and Yumi’s pool party. In there, they hear surprising news.

    Wahhh banyak pulak episod kali nie..
    chaiyok2 nk tgk smp habis arini..
    bru tgk smp episod 20..
    jomm sambung layanzz

    Invincible Lee Pyung Kang

    Finally abes gak tgk citer nie

    best sgt2 tau..suke tgk Lee Pyung Kang & Woo Ohn Dal bercinta(^_~)

    tp dlm best2 tu saket hati jugak la dgn kes gile kuasa si mak tiri & abg tiri Woo Ohn Dal nie..

    super duper gile kuasa..sanggup buat ape2 saje..



    Title: 천하무적 이평강 / Taming of the Heir
    Chinese Title : 天下无敌李平康
    Also known as: Cheonhamujuk Lee Pyung Kang / Invincible Lee Pyung Kang
    Genre: Romance
    Episodes: 16
    Broadcast network: KBS2
    Broadcast period: 2009-Nov-09 to 2009-Dec-29
    Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55

    Cik iena suke lagu nie...

    jom layan



    Lee Pyung Kang’s father unfortunately met with an untimely death before completing his ambitious work as a golf course designer. Pyung Kang came to terms with the reality as she supports the family. Eight years later, Pyung Kang who wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps to become a golf course designer, she does chores at a resort town where she meets Ohn Dal, the owner’s eldest son. Ohn Dal’s charismatic father Pyung On demands him to pass the semi-pro qualification test in a month. When he fails to make it, Ohn Dal is told that he will be removed from the inheritance list due to his incompetence. To make matters worse, his father collapses from a sudden stroke and in the midst of misfortune rumor circulates that Ohn Dal’s step mother and her son are going to take over the resort town. Being cornered, Ohn Dal has no other choice but to stand on his own feet, but for Ohn Dal who lacks competence and determination, retaking the resort is beyond his capacity. Ohn Dal and Pyung Kang, who are on bad terms with each other from the first time they met, join hands. And Pyung Kang’s journey to taming the spoiled heir finally begins!


    Nam Sang Mi as Lee Pyung Kang

    Ji Hyun Woo as Woo Ohn Dal

    Cha Ye Ryun as Kwan Ja Rak

    Choi Myung Gil as Je Wang Hu (Ohn Dal’s step-mother)


    Kim Heung Soo as Je Young Ryu (Ohn Dal’s step-brother)


    Kil Yong Woo as Woo Pyung Won

    Park Ki Woong as Jo Sun In

    Seo Do Young as Edward (professional golfer)
    Yun Mi Joo as Jo Bi Yun
    Lee Duk Hee as Yun Na Bu
    Kang Soo Han as Lee Sung Woo
    Kim Hwan Hee as Lee Pyung Ohn
    Oh Wook Chul as Ma Hyun Tae
    Kang Dong Yup as Lawyer Han
    Song Mi Jin (송미진)
    Lee Philip
    Ahn Hye Kyung
    Shin Na Ri

    Production Credits

    Director: Lee Jung Sub (이정섭)
    Screenwriter: Park Kye Ok





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