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Look, it’s ‘Jackie’ selling fish in Singapore 


A FISHMONGER in Singapore has been enjoying good business because he looks like popular actor Jackie Chan, reported China Press. 

Zhang Sui Xing, 48, who has been selling fish at a market in Empress Road for more than 20 years, has women coming to his stall because he resembles the actor. 

“Many customers call me Jackie Chan and also refer others to buy from me. My stall has also ended up being called the ‘Jackie Chan’ stall,” he said. 

A customer said many people knew Zhang because he had 90% of Chan’s looks, with his big nose, hairstyle and muscles. 

Zhang said he had not met Chan in person but had watched all of his movies. 

He had also acted in the Singaporean movie, I not stupid, playing the role of Chan. 

“Many people have also asked for my autograph. When I said I am not Chan, they ask whether I am Chan’s brother and insist on my autograph,” he said. 

Zhang also enjoys discounts because of his looks and sales assistants allow him to cut queues in order to take a closer look at him. 

Zhang: ‘Many people have also asked for my autograph. 



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