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Koobface Virus Is Back On Facebook

Koobface adalah virus terbaru yang telah menyerang fenomena rangkaian sosial. halaman-halaman rangkaian sosial seperti facebook dan myspace .

Virus berasal pada awal Disember dan dilaporkan telah beberapa komputer dijangkiti dengan menggunakan platform facebook. Walaupun virus seperti telah dilaporkan sebelumnya di myspace, tetapi ini yang baru menggunakan kaedah yang berbeza untuk mencari ke dalam PC pengguna dan malware menyebar ke komputer.

Huwaaa patut lerrr..

iena bace artikel ni

How Koobface Infects a Computer?

Basically if you are using facebook you should watch for automated email messages that display either insulting message or some thing very tempting about you. Messages like, "you look funny in this video" or "you look so stupid in this pic" can be used to persuade somone to click on the link attached. Once the user clicks on them it takes you to a video which doesn't play and they ask you to download certain codecs which can be a 'flash_player.exe' file.

If the file is downloaded your computer becomes open to Koobface malware. It downloads a file 'tinyproxy.exe' which hijacks your PC. It can even alter search results from google,yahoo etc and redirect you to websites selling malicious softwares. (NAK BACA BNYK LG CLICK)

hmmm patut ler pg td dok nengok2 video yg org anta,org tag kt fb..

bnyk sgt video kt fb yg d tgk so x dpt detect la tang video mane yg kene tu..

pastu ade kua flash player.exe tu

hishhh sb tu ruper nyer..

nasib baik ler facebook jer yg prob xley login..kene verify segala mcm tu

my lappy okeh2 jah sb ade jackie chan..


hurmmm ni bace lg..

The Koobface virus is back on Facebook, alive and well, waiting to cripple your computer should you make the wrong click.  Beware of emails sent by your Facebook friends that contain a link to view a video.  This link will take you to a fake YouTube site which will request you to upgrade/download the Adobe Flash Player.  What really downloads is Koobface virus. Snopes has confirmed this as well.

The latest and most sophisticated variant of Koobface, a computer virus which targets social networks, is attacking Facebook. Originally discovered in December 2008, a potent version of the virus hit Twitter and other social networks in spring and summer 2009. Updated tracking of the Koobface virus suggests that a specific strain (Net-Worm.Win32.Koobface.b) of the computer worm is becoming rampant on Facebook. My Cured Computer, an online computer repair company, is using remote repair and log-in technology to rid infected computers of the Facebook virus.

When Koobface infects a computer, the virus turns it into a useless machine. Koobface has recently started to manipulate the computer registry and trick a computer so that it does not recognize its own files. The virus will also try to collect personal data such as credit card information.

Savvy Koobface controllers lure social networking users into infecting their own computers. The virus is starting to attract users with new and more sophisticated ploys. Yet the original method for tricking users still works to spread the virus.

Facebook users will receive a message from their friend's infected computer. The message directs users to a link and then they will receive a request to download a video player. The download is an executable file that gets past most antivirus programs and infects a user's computer.

Koobface uses popular videos and messages to attract the most views such as breaking news about celebrities. The Koobface scheme does not even require hacking into a hard drive. Users download the virus and then transfer it unknowingly to their Facebook friends. The brains behind Koobface always alter the bad code and try to stay a step ahead of antivirus software.



hurmm kalau nk tau lg pasal koobface nie..g jer jmp Dr google
pastu taip Koobface
hah korang bace ler..
adehhh x sempat nk bace sume nie..
bace ala kadar jer nie..
kojer tgh bnyk kn..
jika anda tau apa2 pasal koobface ni sharing2 la eyy
pasnie xmo nengok2 video yg org anta kat fb lagi..

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