siti kelembai @

Jom download citer siti kelembai..
ahahhaa iena suker citer nie..
iena nk download sume episod..
jom2 sape nk download leh g kt drama eyhh..

klik sini nak tgk episod yg available



A twist from a local mythical tale of ‘Sang Kelembai’, Siti Ratna is a beautiful girl who has superficial powers. She was told that her mom had passed away when after giving birth to her. Her trip to visit her granny with a good friend revealed her family's secrets and discover her beloved mom is still alive and lives deep in the forest for a reason. Her return attracts two witches... 


  1. Den baca perihal buku hantu2 di Malaysia...Kelembai sejenis hantu...ahakz...

  2. opss
    sejenis hantu....
    ni nak cari nie
    hantu cantek ey

  3. ada ke hantu cantik...?

    ishhh...leh tergoda plak nanti...ahakz


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