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If you're looking for tips on make up, beauty and even health, you ought to consider Iena Eliena as a blog to check out. Gorgeous and smart, this makeup artist, model and programmer knows the meaning of keeping her readers interested.
She not only spends her time giving advice on what's good for us, she also makes her way out there to attend to those in need. Inspiring and definitely a great role model, we couldn't say no to having her as one of our favorite bloggers to win as Nuffnang Blogger of the Year.  

Realy Appreciate it

To all readers jangan luper tlg vote cik iena yer
vote hari2 tau
cik iena tak ler ramai follower
tidak la famous
tapi berangan nak famous

Cik iena sgt mengharap jasa baik korang tuk vote cik iena
hihi cik iena xder cik sponsor nk sponsor hadiah tuk wat contest promote2 link vote nie cm blogger2 hebat yg lain

tak menaruh harapan yg tinggi pun tuk menang sb sangat ramai blogger yg hebat2 join
hihihi tp jika ade rezeki nk gak menang

If anda rajin jom tlg vote cik iena yer

dan jangan luper vote juger

Pada yg dh tlg vote
terima kasih daun keladi
esok vote lagi

Thanks singgah blog cik iena yer
next time dtg singgah lg yer(^_~)


  1. hihihi xpemes pun
    tp berangan nk pemes je(^_~)

  2. cik iena tag awak kt segmen ni..jom2 join

  3. Cik iena, cik Fatin dah kembali ikut Cik iena. patutla muka cik Iena ni macam familiar je. Rupa-rupanya selalu nampak dalam majalah dara. Thanks follow me ye kakak.

  4. dah follow kak yang pemes nih..tq for the visit to my blog

  5. ur wlcm dear..alaa nape klik ur name nie..profile not available..hihi nk jenguk blog:)

  6. wah akak pemes.. ara slalu vote ntok akak :)

    good luck :)

  7. hihi mane ade pemes yunk..
    hihihi tapi berangan nk pemes(^_~)
    mekasih bnyk2 ara:)


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