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Exploring Various Ways to Reverse Skin Damage

We all dread the skin damage that comes with age. If you have been worried about your skin for years, you aren't alone. But if you think that establishing a daily skincare routine and keeping up with it will save you, you're wrong. It's very important to take care of your skin every single day, but you will eventually develop wrinkles or other skin conditions that you need to reverse or repair.


Exploring Various Ways to Reverse Skin Damage

Why Skin Becomes Damaged in the First Place

Your skin can become damaged for a lot of reasons. The simple passage of time causes hormone levels in your body to drop. That leads to your skin losing some of its elasticity. Aside from that, you could have certain skin problems because of genetics, including dry skin, oily skin, or acne. Then there are the outside influences that can damage your skin over time, like chemicals and sun exposure. Whatever the reason, the chances are almost 100% that you will eventually have some sort of skin trouble, even if you do your best to care for your skin.

Lasers as Treatments for Skin Problems

Among the many Aesthetic Machines and processes local skincare clinics offer to treat the skin are laser procedures. Laser devices come in many forms, including non-ablative and ablative versions.

If you have mild, wide-spread skin concerns, a non-ablative treatment series might be a good choice. Non-ablative lasers target deep skin layers, triggering the body to naturally make more collagen and begin to repair its cells. Over time, that can lead to generally smoother, healthier skin.

An ablative laser offers a more immediate solution for more obvious problems. It is essentially used to peel away dead skin cells on the surface. The result is that the healthier layer of skin becomes the top layer that people see. It's a way to “refresh” your skin quickly, rather than waiting for the dead cells to naturally flake off and be replaced. Sometimes that process is called a laser peel or laser skin resurfacing.

Other Ways to Peel or Revitalize Your Skin

There may be some situations where clinicians might recommend against laser treatment for you. They might think that your skin would react badly to the heat associated with the lasers. However, there are other ways to resurface or otherwise strengthen your skin. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion are both used all the time to treat the skin's surface. Since they don't produce as much heat as lasers, they can sometimes be used on those who aren't good laser candidates.

As for general revitalization procedures, the same can be said for LED light therapy and sound wave procedures like ultrasound or radio frequency treatments. None of them involve the same level of heat as lasers, yet they can all have a similar impact to that of a non-ablative laser treatment. They can trick your body into producing more hormones and proteins, such as collagen, that can repair your skin on the inside. That can eventually lead to you having a better outward appearance.

Don't Rule Out Any Options Until You Get Expert Advice

No matter what your skin type or color is, or what type of condition you want to treat, don't rely on your own research to choose a treatment. Only skincare experts can advise you about whether you need something as simple as a medicated cream, something as drastic as surgery, or a procedure that is somewhere in between, such as laser treatment. So, if you are serious about exploring your skincare options, you should schedule a consultation with your dermatologist or local skincare clinician right away.

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