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Timeless Essentials Every Person Needs

Fashion is something that comes and goes. It changes, it evolves rapidly, and something that’s fashionable and chic today might look outdated tomorrow. However, there are always pieces that look good, regardless of what’s “in” today, and they’re pieces that you should have as part of your wardrobe.

So, what are some of those timeless essentials that anyone needs? From jeans and t-shirts to watches for men and backpacks, let’s take a look at a list of items that anyone should add to their wardrobe.

A few pairs of quality jeans

Regardless of whether you’re a gentleman or a lady, having a couple of pairs of good jeans in your wardrobe is crucial. Whether you go for raw jeans during the winter or add a few lighter models for the spring and summer, make sure you have a couple of them to choose from, and they’re quality.

White sneakers

Sneakers aren’t just for the gym, and they actually fit in very well with a variety of outfits. They’re actually a worthy choice of footwear, especially during the spring and summer. When choosing a staple pair of sneakers, you’ll want to go with the “less-is-more” approach.

White sneakers
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The ideal choice would be a pair of simple white sneakers. They’re clean, they’re fuss-free, and a low-cut silhouette will help you wear them with anything from a casual outfit to a smart-casual styling. Oh, and you might consider going no-socks for a bit more style. Choosing white sneakers isn’t too difficult either.

A basic sweatshirt

Ever since high fashion approved relaxed clothing, a daggy sweatshirt is an excellent choice. You’ll find many modern street brands that make minimal variants of such a sweatshirt, often in monochrome hues such as grey, and they often add a modern touch of stylish branding. Other, more conservative brands are making things pretty basic – a plain model that has a neutral color works great with the jeans and sneakers we mentioned earlier.

A daily commuter backpack

Backpacks are the bag of choice, especially for spring and autumn, and you can pair them well with any kind of clothing, from a blazer and chino short combo to casual jeans and a t-shirt. However, if you want a timeless bag, make sure you follow a few rules.

First, keep the bag looking premium. The fabrics have the most impact here, and try to go with leather or neoprene. They look pretty luxe and are durable as well. The colors should be muted, such as brown, navy or black, and you’ll want a design that’s as minimal as possible. A single pocket with subtle fastening is more than enough.


A few classic t-shirts

Ever since James Dean’s time, a t-shirt is essential. Getting a simple, single color t-shirt gives you a lot of versatility when you’re choosing your outfit. You can wear it under an open t-shirt, you can tuck it inside suit pants, or you can wear it by itself – it just works. The key is to make it work for your body style, so make sure you get one that fits you well.

A timeless watch that fits any attire

A watch isn’t just an accessory that tells the time. Instead, it’s a fashion statement that reveals a lot about who’s wearing it. While many people would suggest that you should have multiple watches as part of your wardrobe, you could actually get by with a single one. Just make sure it’s a watch that fits a variety of styles – maybe a leather strap and a simple, minimalist face?

A timeless watch that fits any attire
Copyright: Pexels | CC0 Public Domain

White dress shirts

Whether you’re going to an interview, going to work in a formal office, or you just want to look nice for that dinner you’re invited to, a white dress shirt can help you pull it off. This isn’t something you’ll want to cheap out on either, as it should look nice after repeated washing.

In terms of size, maybe even go one up, since it will help with awkward gaps and pulling around your chest. The shirt you choose shouldn’t be transparent, at all, and it should hold its shape well. You’ll be wearing it a lot, so make sure you choose the perfect white dress shirt.

Chelsea boots

Our last suggestion is a good pair of Chelsea boots. When you want to look a bit smarter, you should leave your pair of sneakers at home, and swap them out with a pair of boots. They aren’t restrictive at all, and they work with just about everything, from a pair of jeans, to full-on suits. Whether you want casual, or formal, they’ll blend in. If you want to keep things simple, add a pair of black, skinny jeans and a sweater. If you’re going to a formal meeting, a suit will work great, too.



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